Kite is the king sport in the region, practiced during the wind season, between August and December.

In the Bay of Kites, we offer our guests the opportunity to practice and learn this exciting sport, where the wind is king and only the expertise and skill will allow you to fly over the waves on a unique feeling of freedom. For the more adventurous, we organize downwinds between beaches.

You can also choose windsurfing in Rio Coreaú, almost opposite the Casa de São José Charm Hotel, as well as in Lago Seco.

But if you prefer the tranquility of a canoe, we also organize tours in the deltas of the rivers Parnaíba and Coreaú.

In Sierra de Ibiapaba, a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Viçosa do Ceará, you can venture into unexplored trails for hiking or live the exciting adventure of rappelling down cliffs and take adrenaline to the limit.

For younger guests, eager for new experiences and sensations we have kite lessons, traditional Brazilian capoeira or canoeing, imbuing them the taste for a healthy life, in touch with nature.

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