Welcome Message

In July 1999, by a fluke of life, I first came to Brazil, to the state of Ceará. I rented a jeep in Fortaleza and traveled along the beach, crossing dunes, sangrias, rivers ... over more than 300 kms, up to Jericoacora.

Then, I traveled another 40 kms, between beaches and two rivers until reaching Camocim. There I rested and proceeded another 120 km toward the Delta do Parnaíba and Lencóis Maranhenses. This stretch that would come years later to be known by the Rota das Emoções (Route of Emotions) - between Jeri and Delta do Parnaíba and up to Lençóis Maranhenses - fascinated me immensely. The natural beauty, endless sand dunes, the feeling of freedom flowing from the sea, the magic in the air ... Anyway, a trip so remarkable that since then, I have devoted all my free time to plan and invest in a concept based on natural-resorts with structures that leverage and promote all the potential that exists along this route. The idea is that visitors can experience the emotions that I've lived here for the first time and still live today, after twelve years. Thus, and for this purpose, we have founded MVC Charm Hotels, designed for tireless travelers who persistently seek hidden treasuries, and often find them, here, in Rota das Emoções.

I thank God, my partners, friends and all who worked here and work for all the dedication and encouragement they have put into our project. Without such commitment, everything would have been much harder! Greetings to our visitors and the wish that you enjoy in full ours and your Rota das Emoções.


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